About Us

As a “New Generation”designer, Charu Parashar is constantly motivated towards taking the exotic Indian craftsmanship and ancient printing techniques to the highest levels of luxury. The world of luxury couture in India has its own imprints. Flowing hemlines playing peekaboo with Bling and fitted forms creating magic with the beauty that is the Indian woman.

“After capturing the world of high fashion and Celebrating the Completion of 10 year long journey,I now step into the world of Luxury Bridal Couture with line for blushing brides and red carpet divas”…. Says Charu. One of India’s Most Admired Couturiers, Charu parashar is synonymous with classic designs of understated elegance. A strong design sensibility Combined with rich detailing through the genius of centuries old Indian Craftsmanship Techniques undoubtly makes her ensembles Desired by the woman of today. The brand exudes a sense of Romantic-sexy sophistication empowering the Modern woman. Charu Parashar label has built a strong legacy in the organized fashion segment in India and internationally. The label retails from hi street fashion outlets across 7 countries globally today. In the last 15 years its showcase journey has been across New York, Los Angles, San Francisco, Dallas, Philadelphia, Dubai, Kuwait, Toronto, Jakarta, Barcelona, Paris,Los Angles , San Fransisco, Vancouver and Milan which clearly indicates the acceptance of the label into a larger and contemporary Diasporas. Her quest for providing perfect quality with immaculate finish & attention to detail for every garment has earned her respect globally.

Charu Parashar is Designer member with Fashion Design Council of India and has been regularly showcasing in Amazon India Fashion Week, Dubai Fashion Week ,Bridal Fashion Week Vancouver, Asian fashion Week and many other International platforms.

About Khadi

Khadi is a 100% organic, hand spun and hand woven fabric. The process originates itself more than 5000 years ago. This forgotten process was revived by the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi in 1921 as a part of his movements of non-violence against the British during the freedom movement.

Association with Khadi

Charu being the revivalist at heart truly believes that 'Khadi' is a thought' , it evoked the feeling of self worth and self sufficiency during the struggle for independence and now has become our national pride. Khadi apart from being The fabric of freedom and harmony is truly India's gift to the world. Charu Parashar works extensively on khadi Silk, her endeavor to take khadi Silk from local to global under the patronage of Dr. Udit Raj, Hon'ble Member of Parliament and is well supported by the Ministry of Textile, Government of India, KVC and Khadi.

Brand Essence

A liberated woman, a special individual in many ways

One who can still turbulent waters, her smile is like a jewel

To know her is to lover her, her beauty transcends loveliness

Her presence is delighting to others, she lives in the shadow of no one....

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